Lot #3177A – Geismar Pilot WWII Chronograph Timer

Estimate: $2,000.00 – $2,500.00

Unusual and rare oversized Geismar Chronographe A Retour (Chronograph Return).  Circa 1940’s.  White Geismar dial with Arabic numerals.  Bi-directional rotating bezel.  Mechanical manual wind movement.   Used in aviation by the French Air Force to time bombs.  Bomber counter watches were normally strapped to a pilo’s leg or arm.  Approximate diameter is 62mm.

Has areas of wear and superficial scratches due to normal usage and age.  The hand for the sub dial is discolored.  Overall condition is good.  Water resistance/proofness not tested.  An overhaul is always recommended for used watches.

Bomb Timers “Countdown Chronographs.”  Planes were used to drop bombs for the first time in World War One.  The certainty of hitting a target from different heights and at different speeds could no longer be left to the “feel” of the pilot.  This led to the construction of various indicators, view finding arrangements and stopwatches.  The most significant characteristic of these stopwatches is that they reverse direction after a second push of the activator button (“count-down” or “ritorno” function).  Konrad Knirim’s “Military Timepieces” page 152.

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Brand:  Geismar
Model:  Chronographe A Retour
Approximate diameter:  62mm
Dial Color:  White
Case Back:  Solid
Movement:  Manual wind
Functions:  Chronograph
Last Know Retail (Approximate):  NA