Lot #3292 Rolex Collecting Modern and Vintage Wristwatches 2


Estimate:  $400 – $500

“Rolex: Collecting Modern and Vintage Wristwatches” (“Collezionare Orologi Da Polso Moderni E D`Epoca”), two volume book set by Osvaldo Patrizzi, published by Guido Mondani. Two extremely substantial books with probably all you ever need to know about Rolex. Volume 1 has 420 pages with the men who created the Rolex legend, important dates, and hundreds of full page illustrations with descriptions. Volume 2 has 417 pages, is another massive tome, illustrating hundreds of Rolex watches. If you have a Rolex, you will certainly want these books. Large and heavy, these books detailing a great watch house are exceptionally well-produced. It comes with two price guides, one that came with the set originally and an updated one from 2010.

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